Welcome to my new website. Isn’t it pwetty?! This is my new headquarters and I hope you enjoy your visit!
If you ask someone who has read a “K.L. Brady” book what kind of stories I tell, all of them will probably give you a different answer (although many will say funny). That’s because no single book or story fits neatly into a single category or genre. I write every word from the heart and I write about life. Let’s face it, real life is never tidy. Only boring lives fit into neat little boxes. No, those who truly live have days filled with the ups and downs of love and family, happy times, sad times, depression replete with Ben & Jerry’s binges (and the occasional shot of Grey Goose), laughs, and smiles, God, church, sex, and everything in between. I write LIFE—that’s why every book I write features flawed but loveable characters who consistently blur the lines between romance, comedy, mystery, suspense, spirituality, and drama. And I hope everyone who picks up one of my books will be happier because I write outside the box.
I’ve got books for a wide range of tastes. Women love the antics and biting senses of humor of Charisse Tyson (Rissey) and her sidekick, Nisey. Teen girls are just eating up Worst Impressions and the main character Liz as well as Brandy Jackson from Soul of the Band, who are both very smart, hilarious, strong-minded, and highly relatable. And I’ve found a highly diverse international audience (with devoted MALE and female readers) with my page-turning, heart-pounding spy thriller series featuring the lie-detecting heroine, FBI Special Agent J.J. McCall.
And there’s still lots more to come!
So kick off your shoes and settle in for a while. This is my home. And I’ll be back often to update you on the latest and greatest.
Thanks for stopping by!