12 Honeymoons – Special Sneak Preview #2

My Grandma Pearl once told me there are two kinds of men: the ones who will make you count your blessings, and the ones who will make you want to start counting from zero to forget they ever existed. Mitch Wiggins fell in the latter category. He made me determined to...

12 Honeymoons– Special Sneak Preview

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve had a truly funny story to tell. But this one came to me this year in an epiphany about love. There’s no magic formula to finding love but there are a crap-load of self-help books out there to suggest there is....

Industry Epiphanies…and Advice for Aspiring Authors Seeking Book Deals

While people are all full of “keep it real” advice for those going into self-publishing, nobody really gives the “keep it real” advice to those still seeking book deals. Nobody gave me any advice and I admittedly didn’t know my ass from a hole in the ground. I’m not even sure I read past the advance amount and due dates. LOL Seriously. Certainly I didn’t understand how to put the small print into context of what I would do if my book experienced moderate, midlist success. I went in with BESTSELLER on my mind–which was just stupid. Hopeful, but stupid.

What’s the one piece of advice I would give to an author making a book deal today?

Don’t make a 1990’s deal in a 2014 marketplace.

Son Of A Itch — Another Award-Winning Novel!

Yesterday I was so excited to get an email announcing that Son of a Itch – A J.J. McCall Novel was the winner of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, a pretty incredible honor given the number of entrants they have in this contest each year. I’m in awe anytime I think of a panel of judges in the industry having multiple choices to select from — and still choosing mine.

How did this all happen?

WorkaHolic Blues

I’m up at the crack of dawn and ready to write but the words won’t come. Why? Because I’ve got too much junk in my brain from the 9 to 5. I’m one of those people who finds it hard to focus on the thing I really love (writing), when the thing...