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If you like this story, you’ll love Book 2 in the Playmaker Series, The Player’s Option and Book 3 — The Eligible Receiver.

When Melanie got hit in the head with a football, Jet got struck in the heart with Cupid’s arrow. Only one thing stands between them and forever — her sexy best friend, Dylan.

Nerdy sportswriter Melanie Vincent is always one step from happiness–close enough to see it but too far to reach it. She fell in love with the man she could never have – and a dream job that is circling the drain. But all that is about to change. After years of pining for Dylan, her sexy best friend, she’s finally given up on the wish that he’ll ever see her as more than a buddy, but there’s still hope for saving her once-successful sports blog—if Mel could just find one big sports story.

All she needs is a lucky break to turn her life around – and thanks to years of faithful dog sitting, she finally gets it.

Mel is gifted with a pair of Super Bowl tickets for her years of faithful care and feeding of an adorable Jack-a-poo. With Dylan along for the ride, she arrives for the big show and is thrust into a chance encounter with her favorite football star, wide receiver Jet Jamison. Their “instant connection” leads to the inside scoop on the biggest story of her career – and maybe the love of a lifetime.

HER PERFECT CATCH is a sweet, charming story filled with enough romance, hilarity, and drama to keep the pages turning and the heart warm. Pick up this story today and discover why we can never take love for granted or the perfect catch may slip through our grasp.