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Sometimes the Distance Between Enemies and Lovers Can Be Erased Inside A Closet…and With A Little Christmas Magic!

Struggling Christmas crazy greeting card executive, Mia Copeland, is desperate for a new Christmas card collection idea. She’d rather stay home, decorate, and create a concept than attend her best friend’s annual Black Friday party. It not only kicks off the holiday season but also hosts the social coup of the season—a mating ritual that pairs singles (for life if her record stays intact). Mia’s a three-time party loser, and she’s not thrilled to be targeted as the next victim—again. Then Mia learns she’s coupled with the man she wronged…seconds before she walked into the gathering.

Unemployed executive Nixon McCloud needs a professional miracle and a date according to his best friend. With Nixon still mourning his father’s passing six Christmases before, his friend’s Black Friday party is the last place he wants to be, mainly because he knows his best friend will try yet again to pair him up with some mystery woman he’s avoided for three years. By some miracle, he lands at the gathering only to find out the set-up girl’s also his most recent enemy number one.

Then, one party game changes everything. Little do Mia and Nixon know their meeting is for better—and for worse.

SEVEN MINUTES OF CHRISTMAS MAGIC is a hilarious, page-turning Christmas romance featuring two single business executives who resist going to the one place where they can receive exactly what they need. Discover whether they will allow ambitions to tear them apart or will they hold on to the magic of the season that brought them together.

*This is a full-length, standalone novel within the “In the Cards” series.


Party On!

My favorite part of writing this story was without question the closet scenes. Imagine doing something inconsiderate with someone, getting in an arguement with them…and then getting stuck in a closet with them. Talk about UNCOMFORTABLE! But the best part is the revenge…