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Holiday Fake-out: 22 Fake Holiday Dates to Heat Up the Season


The 007th Day of Christmas is a Sweet Fake Date Romance that delivers the spirit of the holidays and one magical night filled with mystery, intrigue, and love…

Allie Bawn wants two things that have eluded her for years: her dream career and the love of her life.  

With the ghost of her ex-boyfriend lingering over family holiday celebrations, all she can deal with is a fake date to survive her family’s “you’ll-die-alone” spiels during traditional get-togethers. 

Thankfully, her college sweetheart (and former beau) Sean agrees to step in. Their agreement lasts from Halloween through Christmas Day—now it’s all over, and they go their separate ways. 

Soon both learn the future of their careers depends on attending the 20th Annual Spy Ball on New Year’s Eve—and they both desperately need dates for professional reasons. But their fake date gets unexpectedly personal in ways that may change their lives forever.


Pick Up the Bonus Chapters...

I hope you enjoy (enjoyed) this story, featured in the Holiday Fake-Out box set. It was hard to write, so I hope it makes for an easy read. For me this reflects the best parts of all my worlds — my years of experience in the US Intelligence Community, combined with my absolute LOVE of Christmas and romantic comedies. Click here to check out the bonus chapters…but don’t cheat (SPOILER ALERT).